kubek ceramiczny ONCE


Black and white image with hints of orange and turquoise tones. A specific image and a specific message. Either you like this project right away or not at all.

A motif different from all the others, completely different from the concept of verolism, but completely intentional. – a painting showing the image of a woman forever inscribed in history cards. Marylin’s biography – interesting, controversial, full of speculation, maybe it evokes reflection. YOU MAY ONLY LIVE ONCE, BUT IF YOU DO IT RIGHT, ONCE IS ENOUGH.


Kubek ceramiczny z nadrukiem. Pojemność kubka to 330 ml, więc nie polecamy z niego pić mocnego espresso zalanego do pełna. Do każdego innego napitku sprawdzi się idealnie. Kubki można myć ręcznie oraz przy pomocy zmywarki.